Making Coaching accessible. Making inclusion real

Inclusive organisations value difference enabling everyone to be successful and have a voice.

Inclusive, emotionally intelligent leaders walk towards difference, not away from it. 

CoachInclusion provides accessible coaching which includes:

  1. Helping leaders to enhance their inclusive and emotional intelligence skills and create diverse, high performing teams that make better decisions.

  2. Providing coaching for development and growth by building confidence and expanding comfort zone to achieve greater impact and fulfilment in life. 

  3. Working with organisations to progress  and deliver their inclusion and diversity priorities



I unleash the power of emotional intelligence through coaching

I work with organisations and leaders to create more inclusive workplaces - making inclusion and belonging real for everyone.

I help people to tap into and harness what makes them unique but who are not sure where to start.

I apply a solutions focused coaching  to help people grow and  enhance their inclusive leadership skills

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What is meant by inclusion, diversity and belonging and how can this benefit your organisation?

How can your organisation make a real difference and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive world?

What actions enable you to make real and meaningful progress, stay relevant and competitive?

I help organisations like yours make inclusion real, creating and delivering solutions that are relevant to your business strategy and context.


I  work with you to understand what energises you but also what may be standing in your way. I explore how personal growth and confidence can transform your impact in life and at work. 

We work in partnership to turn this insight into reality, creating practical goals which will leave you feeling more fulfilled.


What makes an emotionally intelligent and inclusive leader?

How do you  manage your emotions more effectively to lead more inclusively?

How do you create environments where everyone is empowered to succeed and feel a sense of belonging?

I use coaching to demystify these commonly asked questions and help you make this a reality. 



I am energised by helping people grow and develop and this continues to shape my career. Empowering others irrespective of background or experience and helping them to feel valued always inspires me.

It is no surprise that I've therefore spent the last 18 years engaging with and growing talented individuals and leaders within organisations. I have previously led the inclusion and diversity agenda within financial services organisations and continue to influence thinking on this subject.

I am on the the Board of the City Women Network (CWN), a long-standing membership organisation that is passionate about strengthening the chain of female leadership and advancing diversity in the workplace for the benefit of its members and wider society. Ensuring the network remains relevant and inclusive is my key focus. 

My role as a qualified business coach and Emotional Intelligence practitioner enables me to bring inclusion and personal development together.  Both  working hand in hand make a real and relevant  difference not only to you but to the organisations you work within.

Do contact me to find out more.


"When everyone is included, everyone wins"

Jesse Jackson



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