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  • Dawn Jackson

What does singing have to do with inclusion?

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Inclusion I have discovered is something which affects so many aspects of our lives and is not restricted just to the workplaces and cultures we find ourselves within.

Socially I sing in what I now proudly call an inclusive choir. But what makes this choir feel so inclusive?

Well, for starters a choir that encourages everyone to come along and take part irrespective of voice quality and singing experience is inclusive in my book. I am not a trained singer nor can I claim to hit those high notes. I am also not trained to read music, but eh, that does not matter here.

A choir which genuinely welcomes everyone irrespective of background is another example.

I felt a sense of belonging from the moment I walked through the door 12 months ago. Weirdly (and literally) I feel my voice counts and is heard! The intense power and connection felt during a performance is the most amazing feeling. Standing shoulder to shoulder with people from all walks of life (many of whom you may not have met before) and creating a wonderful sound which people pay money to hear cannot be put into words. You absolutely have to experience it.

Our wonderfully talented musical director oozes inclusion. With a choir of 400 members (and growing every day) every one of us is positively influenced by his inclusive leadership and genuine authenticity. It is contagious, and washes through the place showing up in who we are and how we sing both individually but also most importantly as a team.

We talk about the choir as a family, This might sound cheesy but it is how it genuinely feels. To capture this within the workplaces and cultures we work within would be an amazingly powerful thing!

If you want then to understand what inclusion and belonging really feels like maybe joining an inclusive choir is the place to start......

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